AFA YOUTH FUTSAL COMPETITION NEWS: The unbelievers will see only another win by …

AFA YOUTH FUTSAL COMPETITION NEWS: The unbelievers will see only another win by the narrowest of margins. But frankly, who cares? Reaching the final’s is all that counts. We are heading into the AFA Regional Final with our U16’s in a few weeks’ time. Think about that for a while. CMFA to some people are only a Futsal team but to many they are a developing academy with great young players. Our U13’s entered the tournament as the youngest group, but what did they care. They showed their maturity in all four of their games.
They beat Enfield Futsal Club 8-0 in a one sided affair, they then went on to face Pro Touch Soccer Academy only to come out on top in a 3-0 win. Their third game saw the youngsters beat a hard competitor Broomfield Academy 2-1 and the final game they drew 2-2 with Genesis.
This was tense, as matches always are when there is a title to be won, but CMFA are becoming increasingly adept at the art of scoring and hanging on. Genesis managed to go through due to only 2 goal difference.
CMFA’s U16 showed their companions the U13’s how to show composure and reach final’s in their first game they showed skill in beating Broomfield Academy 4-0.
Again facing Pro Touch Soccer Academy, CMFA’s U16’s proved to be the better side, coming from a goal down to hit PTSA where it hurts the back of the net beating them 5-1 in one-sided game, and securing their place in the Regional finals.
One of the enduring memories of this campaign are those moments when CMFA players chase a seeming lost cause, and retrieves it, to secure and end product, this suggests that this is a team still full of beans, a group of players who are refusing to be cowed or drained by the pressure. Playing Futsal within the years you can see the improvements and our U16s showed just that. Love CMFA


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