Tour updates Our u15s started their journey by playing against a team from Norw…

Tour updates

Our u15s started their journey by playing against a team from Norway. Our boys was all over the Norwegian but it don’t help when the Referee is against us. Norway scored first by an off side which wasn’t given by the Ref. Five minutes to end Adam C scored to equalize the game. The boys played very well. End results 1-1.

2nd game our u15s came across another team from Norway which they won their first match this morning 8-0 against another team. Ten minutes into the game our striker Raul M scored. The opponents started panicking and started putting pressure on our players fouling our players left right and centre. Two minutes into the end we conceded a goal and equalized. End results 1-1.

Our u12s had their first match today against a team from Ukraine, they started off very positive but once again the Referee was against us. The Referee made very bad decisions fouls not given and penalties was not given. The boys played very well by conceding only 1 goal. End results 1-0

Our u12s have their 2nd match tomorrow at 9.10am Denmark time, 8.10am England time, followed by their 3rd match at 6.20pm Denmark time, England time 5.20pm.

Our u15s have their 3rd match tomorrow at 1.30pm Denmark time, 12.30pm England time.

The boys have done extremely well. Tomorrow is another day….


Report writed by SS


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