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Futsal, as with any sport, can be coached at different levels and each one of these levels has its own specificity, but there is one principle that is universal: play for fun.

We believe that one of the main aims of the practice of sports in general is to provide happy moments to children. If we motivate children to play for fun we will be giving them the stimulus to play Futsal in their leisure time and soon we will be able to see children playing in Futsal parks, playgrounds, streets, backyards and on the beaches. During the break time at school we will see children playing tag, handling a footy and kicking a Futsal ball.

Playing the sport for fun without external organization is an excellent way to develop socialization, skills, creativity and autonomy. That is when children have the chance to organize themselves (autonomy). Let’s stimulate children to play with their friends or even with their parents in their backyards, not with the intention of training by themselves with natural intention that every child has, to have fun.

Backyard Futsal is a good way to develop skills in a fun environment (Diagram extracted from Dietrich, 1984)

Training with fun

A good coaching session should combine training with specific aims and fun atmosphere. In this way learning ad improvement will be more effective and players will not be bored or stressed, as is so common especially with juniors. Another positive aspect or training with fun is that players will always be motivated to attend training. Training with fun should not be confused with lack of discipline or organization. Discipline and organization are also very important aspects of coaching, but it must not be understood as a military exercise where players are not allowed to have fun. Remember that one of the main reasons for dropouts in sports is excessive pressure on young players.

Training with fun is essential to keep players motivated

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